is the Retired Public Employees of San Joaquin County, an all-volunteer non-profit organization originally incorporated in 1999.
RPESJC was organized in response to the desires of former employees of San Joaquin County and those on the threshold of retirement to preserve and promote the general welfare of retired employees of San Joaquin County. 

   The purpose of RPESJC is to:


  • Coordinate support for and represent retirees and their beneficiaries in matters affecting their health and other benefits.
  • Improve the quality of life, general health and well being of our members.
  • Influence policy and advocate on behalf of 1937 Act County retirees at the state level in matters of legislation.
  • Provide education and information through the organization's newsletter and speakers at general member luncheons.

Using our site

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So, go ahead - explore! There's a menu bar at the top of this page to click on. If you hold your mouse over some of the titles, you'll see additional pages to click on. Oh, and here's a tip; if it's green, it's a link, so click on it and let it take you away to far away places. Hopefully, you'll come back, though! To do that, just click on the back button of your browser.

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